…And we must not forget about all the animals that may also be struggling in this chilly weather!

Watch our Mike tonight on The One Show where he helps out in some festive wildlife emergancies!!

Mike and the Robins

December 10, 2009

Watch out for Mike on The One Show this Friday 11th December.

With the help of Ed Drewitt Mike  maps the territories of urban robins!!

Talent at Christmas

December 8, 2009

Our Suzy Taylor is to co-host this live event on 21st December at the Indigo O2 in London.

She will be introducing the live performance acts and linking the show during the night keeping everything on track. There are estimated to be 3000 people in attendance and should be a great way to get into the spirit of christmas.

To reserve tickets or for more information go to www.talentatchristmas.com

Celebrity Egg Heads

December 7, 2009

Mike Dilger will be appearing on Celebrity Egg Heads on Thursday 17th December – 6pm BBC2

He will be on the One Show Reporter’s panel competing against the Egg Heads to beat them in the battle of knowledge!