Following the phenomenal success of BBC1’s Halcyon River Diaries (May-June 2010), Charlie, Philippa and the boys are back this festive season with a wonderfully charming and often humorous one-off special, narrated by ‘Outnumbered’ actor Hugh Dennis. 

 A year has passed and we join Charlie as he tracks his beloved otters with Gus, sets up an experiment with Fred to see how fast kingfishers actually fly and tries to record the elusive winter song of a dipper.

 Charlie explains what we can expect “Well I can’t give too much away without ruining the programme, but there have been a lot of developments both good and bad, some have taken us by surprise but we have recorded them all for this one off diary special for Christmas.

 “There will be lots of family fun, especially when Fred and I use a special invention to find out where the fish go in the winter.  There is of course, plenty of wildlife, we try some experiments to find out just how fast a kingfisher dives and catch up with the mother otter and her cub.”

 Philippa is busy re-homing 12 battery hens and making bird cakes with Arthur, until one day a predator strikes and a duck is killed.  Are her water vole colony are under threat – could the mink be back on the river?

 “For a while we were mystified” said Philippa. “Something had managed to get in through the electric fence and the duck was just left lying in the stream, it was tragic – one of the ducklings I had reared last year and the worst part was knowing that the others were in danger but not knowing where from.”

 Find out what happens when Halcyon River Diaries is transmitted on BBC1 on Monday 27th December at 6.10pm


December 7, 2010

Don’t forget to watch Philippa Forrester as part of the Wildlife Presenters team versus the Eggheads is  being transmitted on Thursday 16th December on BBC 2 at 18.00.