Mike Dilger invited to open the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust’s new Boardwalk

September 8, 2011

This weekend – Saturday 10th September 2011 – Mike Dilger will be opening the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust’s newly refurbished boardwalk, used by 50,000 visitors annually.

The trust, based at the Wolsley Centre in Wolsley Bridge, counts the 20 year old boardwalk as its star attraction, though an attraction in desperate need of renovation.

With the generous support from grant-giving organisations, the business community and also members, the boardwalk has finally been replaced. This raised walkway weaves over a tranquil and lush marshland, offering beautiful views over the River Trent. Whether it is families out with children for a gentle stroll, perhaps with a push chair or wheelchair, photographers sitting waiting for a glimpse of the kingfishers, or people out for a brisk walk with their dogs, the boardwalk provides safe access to the riverside and wetland habitats many users old and young.

It is the fact that this important structure provides people of all ages and inclinations invaluable access to the area’s wildlife, that Mike Dilger felt so honoured to take part in this grand opening. After saying a few words and cutting the ribbon, Mike will join everone for a walk along the boardwalk, giving his wildlife observations along the way.

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