Designed by Chris Bearshaw and assisted by the talented young members of TeamUK for Worldskills London 2011 they created the ‘Stockman’s Retreat’ Showgarden for this year’s Hampton Court Flower Show have had their achievments celebrated by RHS judges, succuring a Silver Gilt medal for their work.




RH The Duchess of Cornwall also visited the show and congratulated the team on their success.


  Their garden also captured the prestigeous ‘People’s Choice’ Award for Best in Show.

 Watch Johnny Kingdom on Country Tracks this coming Sunday as he shows Mark Beaumont around his beloved Exmoor.

Sunday 19th June 
 BBC1  11am

BBC Four
Wednesday 15 June, 9 pm

A fascinating BBC Four, TV programme to be aired on 15 June at 9 pm, garden designer and horticulturalist Chris Beardshaw uncovers the British contribution to the history of our most iconic fruit – The Apple.

In the hour long programme, part of the BBC Four Botany series, Chris reveals the passion and dedication of Victorian gardeners who in an apples ‘golden age’ gave us more varieties than anywhere else in the world.

“In Britain we crunch our way through fifty billion apples a year. But our relationship with the apple goes beyond mere appetite and this is the story of a love affair between our nation and a fruit. This programme enabled me to fully appreciate the complex history and importance of the British apple – I was even able, using cutting edge DNA analysis, to identify the origins of the apple I most prized as a boy when I used to go scrumping!” Chris Beardshaw

“Apples – British to the Core” – BBC Four, Wed 15 June, 9 pm

Watch Mike Dilger on the trail of Easter Bunnies on Easter Monday 25th April BBC1 7pm

Don’t miss Mike Dilger on this evening’s show.

The concluding part of Jonathan Scott’s documentary on Lions and their lives in a Pride is aired tonight.

Do not miss it – BBC2 9pm

 Watch the critic’s choice THE TRUTH ABOUT LIONS  on BBC2 9pm tonight 23rd March 2011.

Jonathan investigates the way the big cats live, with the help of Craig Packer of the Serengeti Lion Project.  This two-part series  focuses on the unusually sociable beasts and their choice to live in prides.

 The series concludes next Wednesday 30th March.